Energy: An Important Part of Your Business

It is smart business to explore the electricity and natural gas products Energetix has to offer. Energy costs have proven to be unstable in recent years. This uncertainty has motivated many customers to lock in a fixed price for both electricity and natural gas supply. By doing so, customers can take control of their energy budget and eliminate the risk of market volatility.

Energetix also offers green/clean energy, blended price offers, and market based pricing. The offer you choose depends mainly on your values regarding the environment, your perspective regarding the future of global and local energy prices, and your personal risk tolerance.

Is your company a good global citizen? As the environment heats up as a topic of discussion, your company can distinguish itself as being part of the solution by replacing even a small percentage of your annual energy needs with energy produced by renewable wind and water resources.

Another important reason to choose Energetix for your business is for the tax savings. By taking supply service from an ESCO, you are no longer required to pay sales tax on your electric and gas delivery charges. Local tax benefits may apply to your supply charges too!
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