Does Energetix offer Time-of-Use or Day/Night Rates?
Yes, however, our Time-of-Use and Day/Night offers are not available on our Website. Please call our Customer Service Center Toll-Free at 1-800-544-0182 and ask about our Time-of-Use and Day/Night prices.

What is Time-of-Use?
Time-of-Use programs encourage customers to reduce electricity
use during peak hours. Under the program, you will be charged for electricity depending on when you use it. The rates are lower on weekends and weeknights and higher at other times.

During on-peak hours, when customer demands for electricity are highest, the cost of providing electricity is greater than at off-peak hours, when customer demand is lower. With the Time-of-Use supply rate, your cost varies according to the period in which you use the electricity. If you use electricity when demand is high (on-peak), your cost will be higher. However, if you use electricity when the demand is low (off-peak), your cost will be lower.

Please contact your distribution utility to see if you are eligible for Time-Of-Use Rates.

What are the typical Time-of-Use Hours?
The Time-Of-Use hours are defined by your distribution utility. The definition of On-Peak and Off-Peak hours can differ by service class and by season. Generally, time-of-use hours are defined as:

On-Peak: 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. Monday – Friday
Off-Peak: all other hours

Please check with your distribution utility for specific time-of-use hours in your area.

Can I save money with Time-of-Use?
Energy-conscious customers can save money if they use electricity during off-peak periods when costs are lower. If you use at least 1,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month and 20% of your energy usage occurs during nighttime service hours, you may benefit from this program.

The Time-Of-Use program is designed to encourage customers to reduce electricity use during peak hours. Customers who shift a large portion of their use of major electrical appliances to off-peak hours may save money. The important thing to remember is that the Time-of-Use supply rate gives customers with high electricity usage an opportunity to control their bill by shifting use to off-peak periods. It may help to view these rates in the same way as peak and off-peak telephone rates or airline fares.

Research shows that, in the course of a year, many customers can save money by shifting their usage to off-peak hours or cut back on the energy they use during peak hours.

Will I need a new Meter?
Yes. If you do not have a Time-of Use Meter sometimes referred to as a Day/Night Meter to measure your Electricity Usage, you will need to contact your local delivery company to see if you qualify. They will need to change or modify your meter so that it can measure the amounts of electricity you use within different time periods each day of the week. With your new meter, you can check your usage during each of the Time-Of-Use rate periods and monitor your electric usage patterns.

How can I tell if I already have a Time-of-Use Meter?
Your invoice will show a line for On-Peak usage with a price per kWh and another line for Off-Peak usage with a different price per kWh, with the On-Peak per kWh price being higher than the Off-Peak per kWh price. Your Electricity Service Class may also indicate Time-Of-Use.

What does kWh stand for?
Kilowatt-hours is a measure of electricity usage. kWh is the abbreviation used on bills.