When I switch to Energetix, who will my delivery company be?
While Energetix will manage your energy supply needs, your energy delivery will remain the responsibility of the traditional utility. As Energy Services Companies (ESCo's) such as Energetix become the primary providers of energy supply; traditional utilities are reorganizing to focus solely on the energy delivery business.

When I switch to Energetix, how will I be billed?
Your Energetix energy charges will be combined with your utility delivery services on a single bill in the RG&E, NYSEG, Central Hudson, and Consolidated Edison service areas.* Other areas such as National Grid and Corning Natural Gas will receive separate delivery and supply bills.

What types of products are available in my service area?

Energetix offers fixed and market natural gas supply in most service areas at all times. Electric offers are sometimes limited by market forces or utility programs. Generally, for electric supply service, Energetix has fixed supply and pure market supply price offerings.  Additionally, we can offer specialty products such as our environmentally conscious Clean Energy Option for electric supply.

Can I get a monthly budget with Energetix?
Yes! Energetix offers budget billing for your supply service. Just use the checkbox on the enrollment form and Energetix will create a monthly budget based on your average usage.

*certain restrictions apply