Before you select a supplier (also known as an energy services company or ESCo), consider their answers to the following questions.

What is your charge per kilowatt-hour usage (kWh) or therms for energy supply?
Energetix offers pricing specific to each service area across New York State. Available products and prices will vary depending on both your delivery company and your delivery location.

To obtain pricing information specific to your account, you can "View Our Current Offers" from our Home Page by using our selector tool:

Customer Type: New or Existing
Customer Size: Residential or Small Business. Large Commercial and Industrial Business are sent to a Request for Quote form.
Product: Electric Supply or Natural Gas Supply
Delivery Company: RGE, NYSEG, National Grid, Central Hudson, 
                            O&R, or Con Edison
County: County in which your Electricity or Natural Gas service
             meter is located.

Our Time-of-Use and Day/Night offers are not available on our Website. Please call our Customer Service Center Toll-Free at 1-800-544-0182 to hear about all our Time-of-Use and Day/Night prices.

Is this a fixed charge or does it vary depending on: market price, time-of-day or usage?
For Residential and Small Business customers, Energetix offers fixed and market natural gas and electric supply options in most service areas at all times. Electric offers are sometimes limited by market forces or utility programs. Additionally, we can offer specialty products such as our environmentally conscious Clean Energy Option for electric supply. Time-of-day rates are also available.

For Large Commercial/Industrial Business customers, Energetix has many different types of offers to fit your unique business needs; fixed supply and a market supply price including products indexed to either the Real Time or the Day Ahead markets; and custom renewable energy options. Energetix also offers the same great Natural Gas products; fixed rate, market rate or a rate that is indexed to the NYMEX gas market. Please contact us to determine what product best fits your unique business needs.

What procedures are in place if I have a question or complaint with you as my supplier?
To contact us via email, please click Contact Us and provide us with your name, account number and explanation of your request. By phone, you can contact Energetix Customer Service Toll-Free at 1-800-544-0182. 

For Residential Customers: The NYS Department of Public Service will resolve residential customer complaints. The NYSDPS does monitor complaints against energy service companies. If a residential Customer has a complaint with regards to Energetix policies or procedures, or any issues governed by HEFPA rules, Customer should seek resolution by calling 1-800-342-3377 or writing: Department of Public Service, Office of Consumer Services, 3rd floor, Three Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY 12223, or by visiting:

For Non-Residential Customers: In the event of a dispute arising from the terms of the agreement that is not resolved by discussions between the parties, the issue may be submitted by either party to mediation, arbitration, or small claims court. During the dispute, Customer must pay the undisputed portion of any invoice on or before the due date.

How long will the agreement be in effect?
For Residential and Small Business customers, most contracts are 12 months in length, with Market contracts running month to month. For some service areas we also offer 6, 16, or 24 month contracts. 

For Large Commercial/Industrial Business customers more contract options may be available. Some agreements may be limited by utility programs and their rate agreements with the Public Service Commission.

What is your cancellation policy?
Please refer to our Customer Rights and Responsibilities statement for current Termination of Agreement policies. Generally, Energetix reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee for any fixed price agreement that is cancelled prior to the end of the term of the agreement. Cancellation fees for variable price agreements may or may not be applicable based on specific contract terms. Generally, for residential and small commercial customer's agreements, the cancellation fee will be $35.00, or one of the following for a commercial customer: $150.00, or a fee based on the remaining value of the agreement and may include the cost of terminating supply arrangements made on Customer's behalf. This fee does not include any charges by the Local Distribution Utility resulting from Customer's early cancellation.

Is there a security deposit or are there other fees?
Energetix does not require a customer deposit for standard residential and small customer agreements. Please refer to our Customer Rights and Responsibilities statement for more specific information.

Do you offer any incentive for enrolling with you?
Energetix offers incentives in some service areas for new customers and also for existing customers who renew their contacts with us. You will find the Special Promotions displayed on the Home Page or on the "Choose an Offer" Page after you complete the "View Our Current Offers" and "Product Selection" questionnaires.

Do you guarantee savings?
Energetix offers many different products, some of which guarantee fixed pricing for the terms of the agreement, others which fluctuate with market or index prices. For fixed price contracts, Energetix guarantees the price offered for the entire term of the contract. If that price is fixed and is lower than the comparable utility fixed price offer, your savings are secure for as long as those comparable prices remain in effect.

Will you send a separate bill or will your charges be included in my local distribution company bill?
Your Energetix energy supply charges will be combined with your utility delivery charges on a consolidated utility bill in the RG&E, NYSEG, Central Hudson, O&R, and Consolidated Edison service areas.* Other service areas such as National Grid and Corning Natural Gas will receive separate supply and delivery bills.

*certain restrictions apply