How will deregulation affect my business?
You may choose who will supply your electricity and/or natural gas component of your utility bill. Your local utility will continue to deliver your energy, respond to emergencies and read the meters. Companies known as Energy Services Companies (ESCo) offer energy supply, which in the past was a bundled component of your energy charge from the utility. The delivery of the energy remains with your local utility.

When I switch to Energetix, who will deliver the energy to my business?
While Energetix will manage your energy supply needs, your energy delivery will remain the responsibility of the traditional utility. As Energy Services Companies (ESCo's) such as Energetix become the primary providers of energy supply, traditional utilities are reorganizing to focus solely on the energy delivery business.

When I switch to Energetix, how will I be billed?
Your choice! Energetix can bill you directly for your energy charges or they can be combined with your utility delivery services on a single bill in the RG&E, NYSE&G, Central Hudson, and Consolidated Edison service areas.* Customers receiving their delivery service from National Grid and Corning Natural Gas are limited to separate delivery and supply bills.

What types of products are available in my service area?
Energetix offers the most comprehensive product offering in New York State for your electricity and natural gas supply. For electric supply service, Energetix has many different types of offers to fit your unique business needs; fixed supply and a market supply price including products indexed to either the Real Time or Day Ahead markets. Energetix also offers the same great Natural Gas products; fixed rate, market rate or a rate that is indexed to the NYMEX gas market. Please contact us to determine what product best fits your unique business needs.

Can I save on my taxes if I switch to Energetix?

Yes! With Energetix as your energy supplier, you are eligible for a sales tax discount. Specifically, state and local sales taxes do not apply to your delivery charges when you take supply service from an ESCO. Additionally, local municipal taxes are not applied to your supply charges. These tax benefits can often be one of the biggest benefits of ESCO supply service.

Are we obligated to stay with Energetix for a period of time and why?

On a fixed contract you are obligated to stay for the agreed upon term as stated in the agreement. This allows Energetix to plan for your usage and secure that usage with the wholesale markets. This security is what allows us to create a fixed rate for your business that allows you the ability to budget your energy cost more closely as the rate is stable for the term of the agreement and is not subject to market volatility. On a market rate, no obligation of time is required, as we have not locked in a supply requirement for your business. The market rate also provides the flexibility to lock in a rate at any time with 30 days notice.

Are terms other than 12 months available?

Yes on case-by-case basis. We offer almost any term length to meet the customer's needs. Given the potential volatility of energy markets we believe it is typically not in a businesses' best interest to lock in a fixed rate longer than 12 months. However, if you believe a longer term is in your company's best interest we can provide a price consistent with your needs.

*certain restrictions apply