Budget Billing
This billing strategy ideally distributes your annual energy costs into 12 even monthly payments. This allows the typical homeowner to pay the same amount each month regardless of consumption spikes during months of cold or hot weather.


A CCF equals 100 cubic feet of gas and is a common unit of measure for the volume of natural gas. The heat content of natural gas is approximately 1.02 therms per CCF.

Certified Low Impact Hydro Energy
Energy generated from a hydro resource that has been certified to preserve the integrity of the natural waterways, fisheries, and related ecosystems linked to the facility.

Clean Energy
Often characterized as Green Energy, our Clean Energy supply is generated from clean, renewable wind, hydro, and other renewable generation sources. Many resources, both big and small, are scattered across the nation providing for the ever-increasing call for clean energy technology. These technologies, while being extremely environmentally friendly, do cost slightly more than standard mass generation or fossil fuel technologies. With our Clean Energy Supply product, we've created a blend of wind and hydro generated electricity and made it affordable. We've also made it available at multiple levels to choose the environmentally conscious product that meets your monthly budget. Clean Energy is now available at levels of 50% or 100% of your annual supply needs.

Fixed Price
A Fixed Price product secures a single unit price for energy supply based on long-term energy supply contracts. This pricing structure allows you to lock in advantageous pricing to guarantee your rate for the entire term of the contract, offering stability in volatile or rising market conditions.

Green Energy
Commonly used term for energy generated from clean, renewable resources such as wind, hydro, or solar technology. See also Clean Energy

Market Price
A Market Price Product is a daily priced product based on short-term energy supply contracts. This pricing structure allows you to take advantage of short-term price drops in a falling market.

A therm is a unit of measure for the heat content of natural gas. 1 therm equals 100,000 British Thermal Units (BTU's). Also commonly expressed as decatherms (10 therms).

Zero Emission Wind Energy
Energy generated from wind turbine resources that produce zero emissions.