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Whether you currently purchase supply service from your utility or from another ESCO, you have the freedom to explore the electric and natural gas products Energetix has to offer. Energy costs have proven to be unstable in recent years. This uncertainty has motivated many customers to take action to control their energy costs by locking into a fixed price per kWh for their electric supply. Just like natural gas customers have done for years, electric customers are now choosing their own preferred type of supply products over the utility default rate. By doing so, customers can control their energy budget and eliminate the risk of market volatility or price manipulation.

Energetix also offers green/clean energy options, blended price options and market based pricing. The offer you choose depends mainly on your values regarding the environment, your perspective regarding the future of global and local energy prices, and your personal tolerance for price fluctuation/risk.
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All offers are based on customer type, customer size, and delivery company chosen; and are valid if they pass successful completion of the enrollment process.