Energy: A Big Part of Doing Business.

Let the experts at Energetix be part of your energy solution. We can evaluate your energy profile and develop a supply solution tailored to your business. By doing so, you can take control of your energy budget without being exposed to unnecessary risk.

Energetix offers the traditional fixed, market, and blended price options that most customers expect. For large users, Energetix can work with you to evaluate your usage pattern and develop the optimal product portfolio to protect your energy budget.

Energetix can help you determine if your business requires a custom renewable energy portfolio, indexed pricing, fixed price contracts, or more sophisticated derivative products. The offer you choose depends mainly on your strategy for cost and risk control.

Is a renewable energy strategy important to your business? Energetix offers zero emission wind and certified low impact hydropower generation, and can make Clean Energy part of your company's plan for the future.

Another very important reason to choose Energetix for your business is for the tax savings. By taking supply service from an ESCO, you are no longer required to pay sales tax on your electric and gas delivery charges. Local tax benefits may apply to your supply charges too!

Take advantage of this opportunity to save on your energy bills. Request a Quote by completing the form to the right or by completing the Historical Energy Information Release Form and Faxing it to us at (877) 224-7812.
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